Wombourne Sprint Triathlon

Race report from Chris Ashford (STC coach)

A journey over to the black country to take part in an early season pool triathlon!

With a later start (10:30) based on my predicted swim time, it was a leisurely start, but as is often the way, more faffing than necessary, and I was only poolside with 5 mins to start (there is a lot of kit to remember for triathlons)!

With a few drop outs in my start time they decided to do a mass start with 10 of us spread across 6 lanes, it was a real time-trial from the start. It made it hard to race your own pace, so was slightly slower than planned, but that also might have had something to do with me trying to swim an extra two lengths…

Out and onto the bike (no flying mounts for me) and after about 1k, we were all stopped by the traffic lights. Thems the breaks, and at least everyone had the same penalty. It was an undulating start, but then settled into a flat course, with a small climb at the end before a turn around and back to the start, again getting caught by the lights.

I was into transition and then onto a rocky Wolverhampton trail. A bit of dodging walkers and some junior mountain-bikers, it was great to get some encouragement from those heading back the other way. With another out and back (same as the bike) it was a chance to get some idea of placing and then put the hammer down for the final km, and focus on that sprint finish! Really pleased to take the win, go sub-60 mins and be both fastest bike and run of the day:-)

A good race, well organised, and an easy event to top and tail the season with (yes, there is a second one in September)!

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